How to get fit easy. The fun way!

Someone asked me the other day, how do you get fit the easy way? And I thought I should know this by now claiming to be a total life hack and generally a ‘path of least resistance’ kind of guy. I have always found it easy to stay fit and yet I hate ‘exercising’. But I love sport and activities and that is what has tricked me into doing the thousands of muscle contractions that are required to be trim and toned. How could I bottle this up for anyone to pick up and get something from? So I took it upon myself to give them an answer and a real solution. Because I want people to be fit and healthy. There has to be a trick…

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Lisbon N.Y.E. Bairro Alto and a trip to the beach.

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So off we went, a last minute decision to escape the clutches of grey English skies and cold for 5 days of glorious salvation to a pre-discovered but only partially explored Lisbon, Portugal. Accompanied by a old friend and equally impulsive traveller keen to disappear for a few days after the Christmas formalities we set our sights on the south, anywhere south…

Bairro Alto 3, Lisboa


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Vinyl Printing T-Shirts & Window Films

Hey I’m Chris, and I print vinyl-cut graphics and type designs onto T Shirts and other garments from my studio in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Vinyl cutting is a process used by signwriters to create a precise cut out of a shape or letter from a digital image file onto a sheet of vinyl. This vinyl can then be applied to create an image or text and applied to clothing or various other surfaces depending on the requirement.

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